Post-Surgical Care

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Post-Surgical Care

If you or a loved one have a surgical procedure scheduled, consider arranging post-surgical care to give you peace of mind and a faster recovery. The skilled team at Hands of Hope in Boca Raton, Florida, can help you manage pain and ease back into the flow of your regular life without rushing in and risking overdoing it. To learn more about how post-surgical care can support your health and well-being, call the Hands of Hope office or contact the team online today.

What is post-surgical care?

Post-surgical care includes pain management and returning you to your optimal health after surgery.

When you leave the hospital, you can expect to receive detailed care instructions. With at-home post-surgical care, you have a skilled provider to help you follow them, avoiding any misunderstandings and giving you peace of mind.

Who can benefit from post-surgical care?

Post-surgical care is not limited to a small group of people. If your surgery requires downtime, you may benefit from a helping hand. Some examples include:

Standard surgical procedures

Joint replacements and heart surgeries are some of the most common procedures performed today, and recovery time can take 6-8 weeks as the tissues heal.

Plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures

Recovery time after plastic surgeries can range from 1-4 weeks or more, depending on the treatment area. For example, it can take a week for bruising and swelling to subside after arm lift surgery and about a month to heal after a body lift.

Postpartum recovery

It takes most women 6-8 weeks after delivery to feel like themselves, whether they had a vaginal delivery or a C-section.

Whether you are healing from childbirth, cosmetic surgery, or another surgical procedure, the compassionate team at Hands of Hope is available to usher you toward a complete recovery.

How does post-surgical care speed my recovery?

It can be surprising, even shocking, to experience the weakness that follows many surgeries or major life events like giving birth. Many times, hospital readmissions after surgery come down to relatively small issues with following discharge instructions. While you heal, it can make a world of difference to have reliable help.

Your at-home care provider can look out for infections, make sure you are taking your medications in the proper doses and at the right times, and keep you from overexerting yourself too early in the recovery process. If you are a fall risk, proper care can prevent you from injuring yourself.

It can be difficult to have the self-compassion to seek post-surgical care, but especially in the challenging days immediately after surgery, the extra support can make a vital difference. It also enables your loved ones to handle the personal, nonmedical obligations of life that they are uniquely qualified for without worrying about your safety and well-being.

For more information, contact Hands of Hope by phone or online today.